Community Involvement

Social Responsibility

Responsibility is one of our six values, with social responsibility being its application. We believe in sharing responsibility for the environment in which we operate, and therefore over the years we adopted organization bringing us closer to the community. We express our social responsibility in a variety of activities that our employees lead and take part in social projects such as:

  • Social involvement in “Beit Eckstein Rupin” and “Beit Eckstein Or Yehuda”‘, which we support and hold sporting events, fun and holiday days, maintenance of school buildings, promoting green conduct and more.
  • Adoption of the “Arazim” boarding school in Sde Yitzhak where we take part in the welfare and fun activities for the children while supporting the boarding school’s staff.
  • Managing an annual donation budget to support the associations, while placing an emphasis on associations that support less fortunate children.
  • Donation of an excellence scholarship for children who are active in the fields of art and sports.
  • Conducting donation and volunteering activities of the Group’s companies in their field of practice – Donation to sport organizations, animal rescues, SPCA and more.