About Us

Innovative products for healthy living

Nine companies, two fields of activity, one Group.

The Maabarot Products Group engages in the development, production and marketing of food and nutritional supplements for humans and animals, and is Israel’s leading company in its field.

Parallel to accelerated growth, entering into new fields and advanced technologies, and alongside the continuous pursuit of improvement and excellence, the Maabarot Products Group invests a great deal of effort in the preservation of the values which guide us over the years.

he Company’s management and employees are committed to conduct themselves with integrity and decency, credibility, mutual respect, and to maintaining the law, quality and safety procedures.


Nutritional Supplements Division

The Maabarot Group has been active in the world of nutritional supplements for about two decades now.

Over the years, the group has built diverse capabilities in the world of nutritional supplements, and soon became a leader in the field of supplements in Israel.

owadays, the Group’s activity of nutritional supplements is organized throughout the value chain of the field. The Group works to strengthen cooperation within the division in order to create added values.

Animal Division

The largest and oldest division in the Maabarot Products Group.

The Group began its activity in the field of animal food in the 1970’s of the 20th century, as a manufacturer and marketer of food products for

ets and livestock in Israel. Today, the division is engaged mainly in the import and marketing of pet food products and in the production of calf milk substitutes in Israel, and as a marketer, it is considered as a leader in its field in Israel.

Other activities

Parallel to its accelerated growth, the Group is entering new fields and engages in the development of advanced technologies as well, which are designed to improve our lifestyles in an additional variety of fields.

These fields coincide with the Group’s constant aspiration to realize a healthy lifestyle, which expresses responsibility for a personal and an environmental future.

Mission. Vision. Values.

Maabarot Products is a company which develops, and provides advanced, reliable and safe nutritional and health solutions, that improve the quality of life of its customers, for the benefit of its employees, business partners and shareholders.

Together we will lead people and communities in Israel and the world, to the realization of a healthy lifestyle which expresses responsibility for a personal and environmental future, through solutions based on trust, know-how and innovation.

The Group has six selected values which constitute a supportive tool and aid in achieving business and strategic goals.


Continuous improvement based on learning & development


Leadership in every field of activity


Organizational climate of connection & cooperation


The courage to initiate and innovate


Brands and relationships that are based on uncompromising trust


Sensitivity & deepening the understanding of every decision & behavior